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The reinstall view shows all computers that are currently scheduled to be reinstalled or are in the process of being reinstalled.
A computer can either be directly scheduled for reinstallation or indirectly by being added to a reinstall group. It can only use one of those types at any given time.
The current state of the computer will be shown in the view as well. CapaInstaller Management Solution is currently using eight standard states, which will be localized. However, custom states could be used on units, but would simply not be localized. The four standard states:

  • Operational
  • Pending reinstallation
  • Preparing disk
  • Applying image
  • Copying drivers
  • Finalizing image
  • Running Windows MiniSetup
  • Installed Packages (xx/yy)



Navigation pane

In the navigation pane, the reinstall view is available in Views.


The reinstall view

In the reinstall view, you can see if the unit has been scheduled to reinstallation directly, or indirectly through a group. The current state of the unit is also shown.


If you want to...

You can...

Learn more about reinstalling a unit

Reinstall a computer.

Learn more about reinstall groups

Reinstall groups.

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