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Resets the last run date on a global task


ResetLastRunOnGlobalTask(ByVal taskDisplayName As String) As Boolean


TaskDisplayName (String)

  • Auto Archive Changelog
  • Cleanup Performance Index Data
  • Clear Changeset
  • Clear Deleted Units
  • Group Health Check
  • Inventory Cleanup
  • Process Metering History
  • Process SQL groups
  • System Health
  • Update Active Directory Groups
  • Update Application Groups
  • Update OS Version
  • Update Unit Commands
  • Update Unlicensed Software Queries

Return value

Boolean. Returns true if the group is created, otherwise false


Dim bStatus
Dim oCMS
Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK")
bStatus = oCMS.ResetLastRunOnGlobalTask("Update Active Directory Groups") 
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