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The following is a description of a CapaInstaller OS Deployment script, its purpose and functionality. The CapaInstaller OS Deployment scripts can be used to customize the OS when it is deployed to a target computer. The scripts are based on Visual Basic script. Scripts are targeted for a specific part of the installation to maximize customizability. If the CapaInstaller client is integrated in the Windows PE image, standard CapaInstaller scripts can be used to speed up the configuration process.




Select the script type from the list. The types are shown below.
Pre GUI script
Pre image script
Pre diskpart script
Pre image script
Pre driver copy script
Pre patch script
Pre boot script
Post install script


Enter a description of the purpose of the script.

Right-clicking on a script gives you the following options:



Edit Scripts

Opens the script editor to let you customize the script.


Lets you promote the items on the CapaInstaller OS Deployment Point (DP) to another DP. This can only be done if a child DP has been created.
Click OK to promote the script to child Deployment Point.



Deletes the script.


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