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Sets access right for a trustee on a directory

sRight can be one of the following values:

  • F: Full Control
  • C: Change
  • R: Read
  • X: Execute
  • E: Read Execute
  • W: Write
  • D: Delete


Some names of Trustees has been localized, such as Power Users. In these cases you have to use the SID. If bIncludeSubDirs has been set to True, the parameter sDir will change to sDir & "*" e.g. from C:\Temp to C:\Temp*
If more than one access right needs to be applied the values must be added in the same sRight string e.g. "RW" to obtain Read and Write access on the Directory. 


Security_SetDirPermissions(sDir, sTrustee, sRight, bIncludeSubDirs) As Boolean 


sDir (String)

Name of the Directory

sTrustee (String)

A trustee is a user or group. Trustee can either be "Domainname/username" or a Well-known SID (Security Identifier)

sRight (String)

Access Right that should be set

bIncludeSubDirs (Boolean)

Include subdirectories (True/False)


If bStatus Then bStatus = Security_SetDirPermissions(gsProgramFiles & "\CapaInstaller\Logs","S-1-5-4", "F", True)

Scripting Guidelines

Related functions

Security functions Security_DenyDirAccess Security_RevokeDirPermissions

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