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Sets permissions on a Service for a Trustee

sRight can be one of the following values:

  • F: Full Control
  • R: Generic Read
  • W: Generic Write
  • X: Generic Execute
  • L: Read Control
  • Q: Query Service Configuration
  • S: Query Service Status
  • E: Enumerate Dependent Services
  • C: Service Change Configuration
  • T: Start Service
  • O: Stop Service
  • P: Pause/Continue Service
  • I: Interrogate Service
  • U: Service User-Defined Control Commands



Security_SetServicePermissions(sService, sTrustee, sRight) As Boolean



sService (String)

Name of the Service

sTrustee (String)

A trustee is a user or group. Trustee can either be "Domainname/username" or a Well-known SID (Security Identifier) 

sRight (String)

Access Right that should be set


If bStatus Then bStatus = Security_SetServicePermissions("Service", "S-1-5-4", "F")

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

Security functions Security_DenyServiceAccess Security_RevokeServicePermissions

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