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Executes specified program/command using specified options


Shell_ExecuteWithTimeout(sProgram, sArgument, bCheckProgramExistence, iTimeout) As Boolean


sProgram (String)

Program/command to execute

sArgument (String)

Command line arguments

bCheckProgramExistence (Boolean)

Check for existence of program

iTimeout (Integer)

How long in minutes should the function wait for the process to exit

Return value

If the process exits with an error function will return false. If timeout occurred then gbValue will be false but the function will return true. If the process ended with success and no timeout was met gbValue is true and the function will return true


If bStatus Then bStatus = Shell_ExecuteWithTimeout(gsWindowsDir & "\Regedit.exe", gsTempDir & "\Regfile.reg /S", True, 30)
If bStatus Then
  If Not gbValue Then
    'Handle timeout situations. ID of started process can be found with giProcessID
  End If
  'Process exited with an error
End If

Scripting Guidelines

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