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Searches for a specified process. If specified process count is larger or equal to iNumberOfProcesses the function will wait. It will check every iIntervalSec at a max of iMaxWaitSec



Sys_WaitForMaxNumberOfProcesses(sProcessExeName, iMaxWaitSec, iIntervalSec, iNumberOfProcesses) As Boolean



sProcessExeName (String)

Name of process

iMaxWaitSec (Integer)

Maximum wait time

iIntervalSec (Integer)

Interval for each check

iNumberOfProcesses (Integer)

Number of proccesses


Return value

If the number of processes does not get lower than iNumberOfProcesses before iMaxWaitSec the function will return false



If bStatus Then bStatus = Sys_WaitForMaxNumberOfProcesses(sProcessExeName, iMaxWaitSec, iIntervalSec, iNumberOfProcess)

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

Sys_WaitForProcess Sys_Sleep Sys_KillProcess Sys_GetProcessOwner Sys_CompareProcessOwner

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