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The following is a description of the common troubleshooting tools available for CapaInstaller OS Deployment. Some of the common pitfalls are listed with suggestions for solutions.




During the WinPE process, this log file can be found in x:\logs and contains information about the initialization of WinPE and the CapaInstaller OS Deployment client.


The OSD GUI part of the WinPE process uses this file for logging, it is also found in x:\logs.

These files will be copied to the client just before rebooting and placed in the folder c:\osdlogs.


This log contains information about all operations conducted from the CMS management console.


This log contains valuable information about the MiniSetup process and can often help to locate hardware-specific problems that occur during the MiniSetup process.


Possible cause

Unable to boot PXE client

Make sure the client BIOS is set up correctly. Some systems require that the boot ROM BIOS is enabled to allow a PXE boot.

Unable to load boot image

Make sure that DHCP options are set up to point to the cipcc.0 file and that the cipcc.0 settings for priorities are correct for the network. Be aware that if the PXCONFIG.EXE program has the cipcc.0 file open, no clients are able to boot using this file. When the file is closed, clients can use it again.

Unable to load WinPE

Make sure the boot image (wim) is not mounted using imagex.exe. This will always result in an error and the following message:
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

Unable to locate a C: drive

This error occurs if WinPE has no drivers available for the storage type in the client. To add such drivers to WinPE, refer to the help topic “Adding drivers”. Always remember to use Vista-compatible drivers.

The client freezes with a black screen before running MiniSetup.

The client is unable to boot using the HAL used by the image. Please build the image using the correct HAL driver. Some client platforms require a specific HAL to function, CapaInstaller OS Deployment can support these but the images must be tailored specifically to support this.

The client keeps rebooting after the image is applied, or stops with BSOD error code 7B

This error occurs when the image does not contain the required storage manager drivers for the client. Refer to the help topic “Adding support to additional Mass Storage devices” to solve this problem.

Knowledge base

Please consult the knowledge base section on for other symptoms and descriptions

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