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The CapaInstaller Development team has worked hard to ensure that CapaInstaller products work without problems at all times. Unfortunately, errors may occur in places and situations we could not have foreseen. This could be due to patch and software combinations that are unique to your environment.
By providing us with information you can help us resolve the problem. Your help will be greatly appreciated. To ensure that we receive the correct information, we have created a feature that can send an error report and an execution log providing detailed information about the error. The information is logged in the CapaInstaller Helpdesk from where we will investigate and work towards a solution.




Send Error Report

If you choose to send an error report you will be given a reference id. If you would like to get an update on this particular error report you have to contact support with this reference id.
Please note it is not possible to search our open issues without the reference id.


Don’t Send

This will not send any information about the error.

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