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Performs the Update now procedure on a package. This will create a SyncJob to the CiSync service residing on the Point-server with the 'AutoJob' bit set which will (after completion) in turn create 'auto-syncjobs' to child servers as well as BaseAgent-DistributionServers when/if the package is assigned or the child servers are 'replica' servers.

This function is equivalent to the CM-plugin right-click action on a package.


Public Function PackageUpdateNow(ByVal packageName As String, ByVal packageVersion As String, ByVal packageType As String) As Boolean


PackageName (String)

The name of the package


The version of the package, i.e.: "v1.0"

PackageType (String)

Type of package

  • "Computer"
  • "User"

Return Value

The function returns true if successful.



Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK")
wscript.echo oCMS.SetDefaultManagementPoint("1")
wscript.echo oCMS.PackageUpdateNow("Mozilla Firefox 76.0 EN","v1.0","Computer")

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