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The following is a description of updates and their purpose. Updates are used for repairing or replacing software that is installed on a computer. Every update that is available on Microsoft Update is made up of two components: update information (also called metadata) and the update files. Metadata contain the properties of an update and enables you to quickly determine uses for the update. The metadata package downloaded for an update is typically much smaller than the actual update file package. Update files are the actual files required to install an update on a computer.

Updates can have the following statuses:



Approved for install

The client installs the update. 

Not approved

The update will not be available for clients.


Declined updates will not be available for computers and you will not get a status for them.


Right-clicking on the Update folder gives you the following options:





Approves the selected update(s) for installation in the selected group.

Not approved

Disapproves the selected update(s) in the selected group.


Declines the selected update(s).

If you want to...

You can...

Automatically install updates

Patch Management options.

Set a schedule for updates

Patch Management options.

Approve updatesApprove Updates
Decline UpdatesDecline Updates

Learn more about classifications


Learn more about categories


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