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This help topic focuses on the business-related values and benefits of implementing CapaInstaller Asset Management.

Unit management



Add Units

Add a new Unit to the system e.g. computer, printer, mobile device, or other devices.

Manage details

Define, view, and edit details about each computer, Pocket PC, and software title.

Network devices

Create entries for all types of non-managed network devices and manage the details stored about each of them. Create database records for all types of network devices (such as printers, scanners, switches, routers, etc.) and store details about each of them.


Activate or deactivate computer and Pocket PC units. Deactivated units will not run the CapaInstaller Agent and therefore will not report inventory or run new packages. They also do not count towards the unit limit of your CapaInstaller license.


Attach files of any type (such as PDF or text files containing technical documentation, maintenance agreements, repair records, etc.) to computer units, Pocket PCs, and software titles.

Custom parameters

Create custom types of inventory parameters and assign values for them to various computers, Pocket PCs, devices, and software titles.

Software metering



License metering

License metering keeps track of when each program was last used on each workstation, by whom, and for how long. Metering enables administrators to remove licenses from workstations where they are not being used and transfer them to where they are needed rather than spend money on new licenses.

Citrix inventory and metering

For sites using the Citrix terminal server, CapaInstaller is able to take inventory and track licenses as they are transferred between various clients and the server.

License check

A license check keeps workers productive by ensuring that nobody ever needs to wait for a new license to be purchased. The solution keeps a running total of the number of licenses that are installed and compares this to the number you have purchased. At any time, you can generate a report that shows which software products need to be reordered.


Establish a schedule for collecting metering details from workstations.

Software metering

Configure software metering to record how often various software packages are used on each machine.

Forbidden applications

To help enhance security and maintain productivity, administrators can forbid specific applications from being run on client computers. If a user tries to execute a forbidden application, the CapaInstaller Metering Service will terminate the process.

User inventory and logon history

Inventory Management keeps track of each individual network user, logging details such as:

  • User name
  • Logon name
  • Domain
  • Department
  • Primary workstation
  • Current login location
  • Last login time for each client
  • Last login duration for each client

    Managers can use this information to ensure that all client machines are equipped with the hardware capacity and software applications required for each user. Organizations that budget software licenses by department or other user criteria can easily control which applications are available on the machines used by each user and move licenses as required.

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