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DEP Profiles and devices

In Apple’s DEP Portal you can assign devices to your virtual MDM servers by order number or serial number, and after the next synchronization, they will become available in CapaInstaller.

Initially, they will have a serial number and model to identify them, but not a name. Once they have been enrolled, the system will be able to display their names as well. You can filter the list of devices by entering name/serial number and choosing a model or profile status.

Below is a short description of the information available on DEP devices.

Serial Number

The serial number of the device.


The name on the device. Only available after enrollment.


The model of the device.


More detailed information about the device model and color.

Profile Status

Status of profile installation. Can be either ‘Empty’, ‘assigned’, ‘pushed’, or ‘removed’.

Assign Date

This indicates when the device was enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program.

Assigned By

The email of the person who assigned the device.

Profile Assign Time

A timestamp indicating when a profile was assigned to the device.

Profile Push Time

A timestamp indicating when a profile was pushed to the device.


The name of the assigned profile.


If the device has been enrolled, this will hold a link to the device in Configuration Management.

Assign/remove Profile

You can assign a profile to devices by right-clicking them and selecting Assign Profile. If they already had a profile, it will be replaced by the one selected. You can also choose to remove a profile from one or more devices by right-clicking them and selecting Remove Profile.

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