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Setting up and customizing the management server is done from the properties entry available in both Systems Administration and Configuration Management. The settings are then stored in the database, where they are accessible to the Replicator. These settings establish the location of each Management Server and the policies for replicating packages between Management Servers. The different properties are described below.


The General tab enables you to establish the basic properties of the container, including its name, location, Replicator, and synchronization policy.






This is the name of the Management Server in the CMS console.


This is the name of the server.


This is the name of the share on the server.

Last sync

The last date the server was synchronized.

UNC path

This is the path to the \\server\share


This is the Version of the Management Server


This is the unique identification of the Management Server in the CMS system.

Lock this server

Locks the server for agent access

Distribution Points

The purpose of "Distribution-point" is to allow clients to automatically use the nearest Container when downloading packages. The calculation is based on the client's IP address.
Specify the IP ranges that the container should support.






Add IP Range

Enter an IP range. The range is not allowed to conflict with any existing IP ranges for this Management Server.


An internal CMS description.

Distribution points

List of all IP ranges for this Management Server.

Patch Management



Use the default WSUS Server

The default WSUS server will be used to handle this Management Server.

Use the following WSUS downstream Server

A specific WSUS server can be selected to handle this server.

  User Configuration



The server is a domain member

If the server is a domain member

The server is a non-domain server

Specify credentials for services etc. to access the server

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