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CapaInstaller Package Creator automates the creation of software packages in CapaInstaller and is designed to make packaging easier.  All available package design rules are defined from the GUI. This ensures that all packages created have the same design resulting in a streamlined solution.




Before the actual install is started a precheck can be made. The precheck is defined from the GUI and could contain a system health check, disk check etc.


When the installation has completed a postcheck can be made to determine if the installation was successful.

Dynamic reboot

When the installation has completed it is possible to reboot the client if needed.

Calendar function 

It is possible to define a client calendar making it safer to deploy packages to a production environment.

End-user cancellation

Before the installation starts the end-user can cancel the installation and postpone it to a more appropriate time. This feature has been implemented so that a logged on user working with unsaved data can cancel the installation. 

Message boxes

Message boxes can be localized.

Integration to helpdesk

If the installation fails it is possible to send an SMTP mail which can be forwarded to a helpdesk solution.

XML files load

XML files can be imported and loaded from the command line. Start CIPC using the following arguments:

%pathtoCIPC%\cipc.exe" /Import <productname>.xml /keepGUI

Where Import instructs CIPC to import the <productname>.XML file and KeepGUI instructs CIPC to load the product and set focus.


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