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Patch Management is a cutting edge technology software solution for distributing updates in a managed network. Patch Management allows full control of all software updates in a managed network by integrating with Microsoft’s WSUS 3.0 server.
Within Patch Management updates are synchronized with WSUS 3.0 keeping the solution up-to-date with the latest software updates. From here the updates are managed per management point in an easy-to-use interface. When an update has been approved for the e.g. standard computers test environment and has been successfully tested, the update can be successfully deployed to the standard computers production environment.
This solution can significantly help you decrease the costs involved in delivering updates throughout your organization by avoiding system crashes due to incompatible updates.



Microsoft technology and best practice

By providing a versatile solution built on field experience, best practices and commonly available Microsoft technologies, the product offers a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage yet powerful solution.

A summary of the business values provided by CapaInstaller Patch Management:

  • Automated deployment of updates to all computers in an organization.
  • Automated approval of newly arrived updates.
  • Automated assignment of newly arrived computers.



Prerequisites for Patch Management

To avoid problems with the installation and the functionality be aware of the prerequisites for Patch Management.

Getting started with Patch Management

Step by step guide in how to get started with Patch Management.

Patch management tree view

Learn the structure of the Patch Management tree view.

Toolbar and menu description for Patch Management

See the functionality description of the individual buttons and menus for Patch Management.

What is Patch Management

A description of all the different elements in Patch Management.

How to use Patch Management

Step by step guides in how to use the different elements in Patch Management.

Install WSUS Server 3.0This is a description of the steps that you have to go through to install WSUS

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