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Logon as Local systems specify a "dot" as username 
If bStatus Then bStatus=Service_SetLogonInformations("Capa Agent",".","Localsystem","") 

If you specify "*" in the password field, CapaInstaller will assume that the password for the specified user has been encrypted by CapaInstaller and saved in registry. The password will then be obtained and decrypted. 
This way you can avoid using clear text passwords in the script. 
See more about the password encryption feature here



Service_SetLogonInformations(sServiceName, sDomain, sUserName, sPassword) As Boolean



sServiceName (String)

Name of service

sDomain (String)

Domain name for the specified user

sUserName (String)

Name of user to logon

sPassword (String)

Password for the user


If bStatus Then bStatus = Service_SetLogonInformations("Capa Agent", ".", "LocalSystem", "") 

Scripting Guidelines


Related functions

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