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The primary function of this script is to monitor the Unit state set by OSDgui.exe, and update this through the CiPrestage webservice. This is necessary since it is not possible to use a mapped drive to the management point.

The script requires that both CapaLib.cin and OsdLib.cin is initialized.

Script syntax and parameters

The script is executed by the OSDPreGuiScript, and there are no parameters


The script writes to the following logfile: X:\program Files\CapaInstaller\Client\logs\UnitStateMonitor.log

Source Code

Source code is available in TFS

Script outline
  1. Load the following scripting libraries
    1. Customlib.cis
    2. CapaLib.cin
    3. OsdLib.cin
  2. Initialize libraries
    1. Call Job_start()
    2. Call OSD_initialize()
  3. Start the monitoring process 
    1. Call Internal_UnitStateMonitor()
  4. Close script
    1. Call Job_End()
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