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This document describes how to use Alternative Color Schemes(ACS) with InfoCenter Balloon messages.

ACS can be used in combination with EndUserCancellation or it can be used on a single custom balloon message.

How to use

If you want to use ACS with EndUserCancellation you have the option to define how many remaining cancellations should activate ACS. For more info click here

If you want to use ACS with a custom balloon message make a call to CMS_ActivateAlternativeColorScheme which will make the next balloon message display with ACS. For more info click here

Note: InfoCenter will only use ACS once. The next balloon message will use a standard color scheme if ACS is not reactivated.

Using Custom Colors

If you do not want the default color scheme for ACS you can create your own scheme.

To do that you can call the functions below to change color from the default color:


All functions take a Color HEX value parameter e.g. #FF0000. The balloon message uses a gradient background which is why both a top and bottom color can be provided. If you want a flat style use the same color value for both functions.

You do not need to call all functions. Only those you wish to change.

For more information on Color HEX click here

Example of Custom Color Scheme

If bStatus Then bStatus=CMS_SetTopColor("#E8E8E8")
If bStatus Then bStatus=CMS_SetBottomColor("#D0D0D0")
If bStatus Then bStatus=CMS_SetBorderColor("#505050")
If bStatus Then bStatus=CMS_SetTextColor("#000000"))

Using the above code an ACS will look like below

Known Issues

It is not possible to change the color of the buttons.

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