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Sets or changes a users account properties.



UsrMgr_SetLocalUserProperties(sUserName, bNoPasswordChange, bNoPasswordExpire, bChangePasswordAtNextLogin, sAccountExpireDate, sLoginScript) As Boolean



sUserName (String)

The name of the user, the user must exist

bNoPasswordChange (Boolean)

Set or unset User cannot change password

bNoPasswordExpire (Boolean)

Set or unset Password never expires

bChangePasswordAt (Boolean)

The user has to change the password at next login

sAccountExpireDate (String)

The date the account expires. The sAccountExpireDate should be a valid date in the future. Specify 'Never' if the account should never expire

sLoginScript (String)

Specifies the login script the user should execute



'Sample 1:
If bStatus Then bStatus = UsrMgr_SetLocalUserProperties("Username", False, False, True, "Never", "Login.cis")

'Sample 2: Note - DateAdd adds 5 years to current date in this example
If bStatus Then bStatus = UsrMgr_SetLocalUserProperties("Username", True, True, False, DateAdd("yyyy", 5, Now), "")

Scripting Guidelines


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