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This document describes the upgrade scenarios for the new first-generation native windows agent delivered in release 5.7

 Update via Reinstall?

Whenever the client computer is reinstalled

 Manual Update with a Package

Follow the guide below to use the delivered package to trigger an update.

 How to udate manually on selected computers...
  1. Download the package
    1. A simple package enabling the system to update the agent on the specific client computer
      Download >   link to package
  2.  Import and assign package to relevant computers
    1. Import the package
    2. Choose a set of computers that should be updated
    3. Assign the selected package to these computers.

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3.  Check logs for info 

    1. Check the log files on the relevant computer for status. 
      The file is located in the CapaInstaller client logs folder > C:\Program Files\CapaInstaller\Client\Logs\ ??????????

 Alternative update method?