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This article describes how to install the MS Outlook App and use AppConfig to setup Outlook for the linked user. It will setup email, calendar and contacts (not to the local contacts app. It very system- and device-dependent and will be a subject for another article).

What is AppConfig?

AppConfig is a standard approach for app configuration and management introduced by the AppConfig Community. A group of leading Enterprise Mobile Management providers and app developers, who have come together to make it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business.

Prerequisites :

An iOS or Android device and an active AD user with Exchange / Office 365 email linked to the device. In this example it has been done on an Android 9 device.

Test user: Capauser@capainstaller.local

Exchange server: (on premise)

I have tested it in CapaInstaller 5.7.100, on the following devices: iPad Mini 2 (iOS 12.1.3) iPhone 8 (iOS 13.1.4), Samsung A6 (Android 9, KNOX API level 28), Huawei P Smart 2018 (Android 8). On Android devices a Google Play Store account is required to install apps. If you have Outlook as an Enterprise app is not necessary. On iOS an App Store account is required. If you have Outlook as an VPP app is not necessary


This will work on iOS, iOS Supervised, Android Profile Owner, Android Device Owner and Android KNOX (both Device Owner and Device Admin).


AppConfig payload only sends the keys to the app. How the app responds to the AppConfig values are enterally app dependent and sometimes it up to the device as well.

It’s highly recommended to test on the company devices before implementing in the production environment.

The AppConfig keys to be used

The AppConfig keys used to configure MS Outlook are shown in the table below. It is the minimum set of keys that can be used to configure the Outlook app.

The “$Email$” and “$LoginName$” means that the linked user’s email and login name will be used (like $user in Windows).





Name $LoginName$




Exchange server / office365



Further AppConfig keys for the MS Outlook App can be found on the Microsoft Website.

Procedure for installation and setup of MS Outlook

  1. Create the device application in the console and app config keys and values
  2. Link the device app for the device
  3. Installation and setup on the device

1. Creating the device application and payloads in CapaInstaller Console

To configure the app, you must first install the app and then send the AppConfig keys and values. To do this create one device app with both the Outlook app and AppConfig payloads.

The device application contains two payloads

a)       The MS Outlook app

b)      The AppConfig with keys and values

a)       The MS Outlook App

In Configuration Management module right, go to Application and Packages.

Right click on Device Applications and select Create Application.

Search in Play Store for MS Outlook app. Type a name and select OK

b)      The AppConfig keys and values.

Click on Create Key/Value. Paste the AppConfig keys, make type is String and type the value. Do this for all 4 keys.

Link the profile to the device

Link the profile to the device and wait for Outlook to be installed on the device.

On the device, you can view the device contains 2 parts in the CapaInstaller Android Agent.

After the app has been installed, the keys and values are applied.

Installation and setup on the device

A prompt on the device will appear and ask you to install the Outlook app. After be app has been installed it will start the setup wizard:

In the Outlook Setup Wicard, click Get started.

On Add account check that the email is correct.

Then click CONTINUE  >.

Enter the password and click on the checkmark (below notification bar).

On the Account Added, click SKIP.

On Focused Inbox, click SKIP

Outlook app is now synchronized with email calendar and contacts.

Ready for use 😊.