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New Features in CapaInstaller 5.8 - 2020


 System features and improvements.

CapaInstaller has for some years now been using different methods to share and distribute files to Distribution Servers and Clients

With CapaInstaller 5.8 we have replaced the technology so we use the same methods of synchronizing and copying packages.

We have created a technical blog where we explain everything about the change

This information is also available in the documentation

Distribution Server (BAADS)

 OS Deployment

 OS Deployment features and improvements...

OS Deployment from USB has been updated. In this release, we have added support for caching - meaning that when using USB Keys it will automatically cache the images and drivers on the USB key being used for deployment.

How to Boot OSD from USB devices

 Device Management

 New mobile device features...

We are working on the next generation for Android mobile devices - it will be released in a separate release in the near future. In this release, we have optimized the communication with the database so we utilize about 30% fewer database resources. 


 Security Updates...

CapaInstaller has been reviewed by different security companies for vulnerabilities, based on their reports, we have updated some development components to newer versions in CapaInstaller and updated our recommendations for using passwords with our scripting library.

 Known Issues

  • Management Portal Setup
    When installing the new Management Portal from "\Management Point\Resources\Management Portal\CapaInstaller Management Portal.msi", the Management Portal is not updated correctly the first time.
    Run the CapaInstaller Management Portal.msi again and select the repair option.


  • Discontinued support for Windows Server 2008 

 More Information

 Downloading and Upgrading to CapaInstaller 5.8

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