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Security Update to CapaInstaller 6.0.101 - 2020



A security flaw has been found in CapaInstaller, where a user with standard user privileges logged on to a computer with the CapaInstaller Agent installed could escalate their local user rights. 

The issue is in all versions of CapaInstaller before CapaInstaller 6.0.101.

We highly recommend updating to CapaInstaller 6.0.101 as soon as possible - CVE-2020-27977

All credit goes to Francesco Stillavato | Manager | Cyber Secure at Deloitte for pointing out the Security Issue

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

 Known Issues

  • Normally when a new build of CapaInstaller is created, the file versions of .exe files would match the build number ex. 6.0.667.101, in this build only cistub.exe has a new build number

 More Information

 Downloading and Upgrading to CapaInstaller 6.0.101


Get Access to support from the portal

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