The CapaInstaller® Solution from CapaSystems® is a collection of targeted management solutions that greatly enhance the ability of IT managers to create and maintain secure, stable computer environments for all users. It ensures optimal performance while reducing the cost and effort required for administration, support and maintenance. All CapaInstaller solutions rely on the CapaInstaller System Administration (included with all solution licenses). 
The CapaInstaller System Administration provides the basic infrastructure for network-based management and is made up of several different components operating at various places throughout the network. On top of the CapaInstaller System Administration, you will add one or more CapaInstaller Solutions, each of which adds a specify type of capability. 
Each solution may include several applications and other tools. As a whole, the CapaInstaller System Administration and its full set of solutions are called the CapaInstaller Management Solution. 
The following CapaInstaller main modules are available: