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Download Current Release

Here you can download complete versions of Performance Guard, including the installation program and documentation.

Please note that you need a new license for this version. If you install without the correct license file, you can not use the PerformanceGuard web interface.

Please contact to get your license file. You can install the license file before upgrading.

Server Build:

PerformanceGuard Server 8.2.0 P2

Agent Build: 8.2.xx ( Click to see the latest version)

PerformanceGuard Agent 8.2.XX - 32 bit

PerformanceGuard Agent 8.2.XX - 64 bit

The PerformanceGuard Incident Management Connector for ServiceNow: 

PerformanceGuard Incident Management Connector

Release Notes

Current Release Notes of PerformanceGuard


Upgrading From Previous Versions

Before upgrading the Performance Guard Server and agents, carefully read the upgrade documentation.



  • You can download .Net Framework from Microsoft; Version 4.6 can be found here which is available with newer Windows versions.
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