Performance Guard 6.2.102

Release date: 7. June  2013

New Features

  • [PG-8083] - Advanced Server TCP overview
  • [PG-8025] - Network offline alert


The following improvements have been added to the Performance Guard product since last release:

  • [PG-7844] - Advanced client TCP overview
  • [PG-8153] - Web Console base URL cleanup 
  • [PG-8133] - Upgrade script can not upgrade trunk builds


Bug Fixes

This section describes the bugs that have been addressed and fixed in this release:

  • [PG-7975] - Performance Counter tool does not show all counters
  • [PG-7976] - Performance Counter tool multi-select support
  • [PG-7980] - Performance Counter tool robustness
  • [PG-7926] - Network packet drop on a multicast loaded network
  • [PG-5515] - Traceroute statistics box values rounding error
  • [PG-7709] - Deleted Network Groups should not be capable of holding data
  • [PG-7836] - Fix "Create baseline" links on all graphs
  • [PG-7994] - Health KPI Report Graph Min Req. KPI Value with offset in time
  • [PG-8017] - Baselines aren't being deleted
  • [PG-8050] - Possible to traverse the directory structure
  • [PG-8053] - Export of startup-times from a hotspot search shows unix time instead of ’human time’
  • [PG-8067] - Multicast - column sorting only sorts ascending
  • [PG-8068] - DNS re-resolve does not work
  • [PG-8095] - Reports can't generate tables
  • [PG-8115] - Dashboard not adapted to new user without rights
  • [PG-8122] - Agent TotalPage size is not measured correct
  • [PG-8127] - Sorting subnets defect for Util Index


Known issues list

Its recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or newer for administering and viewing data in Performance Guard Web Console.

Google Chrome version 27 has a problem with rendering the Web Console menus.

Visit the online known issues list to receive the latest info.