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PerformanceGuard® 7.6 Release Notes

Release date: 2020, January 28th

What's New in the Server?

Chromium Based Web measurements

PG now supports both Chrome and Edge (Chromium-based) measurements. The setup of filters has been improved and simplified to make the configuration less error-prone.

The agent-installer has also been updated to make sure that the plugin needed is automatically installed in the browser when it is started.

Debugging facilities have been added to facilitate the configuration of the filters

Fullscreen Widgets

It makes it possible to blow up (using) small widgets to use the whole browser window, in order to see all the details.

Relational Dashboards

Relational Dashboard is a feature that provides the end-user with easy navigation to the next relevant dashboard, continuing with the same set of parameters as the board he was already using.

Dashboard Edit

To simplify working with multiple dashboards, which is very easy due to the new Relational Dashboard feature, the web-browser tabs now show the name of the dashboard present, and a pencil to indicate if the Dashboard is being edited or is being viewed.

SSL support in the installer

SSL is used to enable secure communication between web servers and the web interface. SSL is now directly supported during installation and upgrade. Simply point to the certificate file and enter the password and the installer will do the work.

Before PG 7.6 you needed to set this up manually by modifying the appropriate configuration files. 

When upgrading from 7.5 you still need to backup your SSL installation and reapply it after the upgrade.

PerformanceGuard Documentation

The product documentation has been moved to CapaWiki, where it has been updated and improved with features for PerformanceGuard 7.6.

Moreover, a great number of improvements and bugfixes has been implemented (The most important ones mentioned below)

Bugs fixed in this version


  • [PG-17193] - the First click in Sunburst center generates an error/warning
  • [PG-17231] - Location bubble chart categories click sends the wrong interval
  • [PG-17232] - Location bubble chart right side doesn't get cleared when selecting an option with no events
  • [PG-17243] - Tree sync unmapped gets expanded on the search and shows incorrect child count
  • [PG-17246] - Location/Autostep/Application tree search, sync, and move return error
  • [PG-17257] - Application sunburst sending AP0 to REST
  • [PG-17258] - Widget preview mode can make dashboards crash
  • [PG-17264] - Error when deleting application group
  • [PG-17277] - Back button doesn't work in Application performance overview built-in dashboard
  • [PG-17278] - Dashboard doesn't update on the back button
  • [PG-17284] - Too many new agents created
  • [PG-17297] - Edit Guage widget minor updates
  • [PG-17316] - Too high DNS response time for pguard backend service
  • [PG-17335] - PDFgen does not work for ad users and TokenPrincipal bug
  • [PG-17339] - Guest access page keeps spinning when using an invalid or deleted token
  • [PG-17348] - Computer Bubble Chart, missing events
  • [PG-17373] - Zooming on Computer Bubble Chart sometimes leads to an uncaught error
  • [PG-17390] - Hotspot processes wrong interval


  • [PG-17194] - Sunburst widgets should indicate that they are loading / fetching data when clicking on a leaf
  • [PG-17229] - BE: "Application Chart" widget should support "Show application details" when the application group is selected
  • [PG-17234] - Dialogs "flash" when auto-update is triggered.
  • [PG-17245] - Tables should sort DESC instead of ASC as default for number columns
  • [PG-17249] - Computer Info Widget Location is reversed
  • [PG-17251] - Store sorting direction
  • [PG-17269] - Fix Material-UI: the contrast ratio warning

Browser Support

This version is supported in both Microsoft Edge 44 and new Chromium-based Edge 79 as well as Google Chrome.


The PerformanceGuard documentation is continuously updated and is available online here


PerformanceGuard no longer supports Internet Explorer. This does not mean that you cannot use IE but issues related to this browser alone will not be fixed.


PerformanceGuard can be downloaded from here

Known Issues

Visit the online known issues list to receive the latest info.

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