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and how CMS supports this technology.

Intel Active Management Technology is a hardware-based technology. It can be upgraded


There are a lot of different versions of AMT, and different versions supports support different

methods of configuration and different features. To get an overview of the version


When you have configured an AMT device, you can verify the connection with a browser

by typing the following urlURL: http://hostname:16992 (even when the AMT device is powered


6.1, while previous and later versions needs need to be accessed remotely.

If you can successfully login log in via the WebUI, and have configured CMS correctly, you

should now be able to use the supported AMT operation from CMS. The following sections

explains explain the configuration and operations.

See more details on the WEBUI on Dell’s article on this urlUrl:


In order for the AMT operations to be carried out, credentials for AMT must be configured, and this is done in the System Management options. A username and password that match the configurations on the AMT enabled machines must be supliedsupplied. The checkbox below determines wether whether or not the replicator will attempt to use AMT in the wake on lan Lan requests it recievesreceives. The replicator will always send a standard WOL package on these requests, and will in addition to this attempt a AMT WOL if this setting is enabled.


To wake up og shut down a computer using AMT, you right-click the computer in Configuration Manager , and expand the AMT menu. If the computer is configured correctly for AMT and the credentials from the System Management options match this, the wake-up or shut down command will be sent to the computer. A connection with the target computer is established, and if succesfull successful a reply will be returned to confirm if the operations was were carried out or not.

You can also select multiple computers and use the AMT commands on these, and a the status is returned and displayed for each to verify if it was succesfull successful or not.

Misc info and links

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  • By default, the port is 16992. Use port 16993 and https:// to connect to the Intel AMT WebGUI on a computer that has been configured and set up in the Enterprise mode.
  • If DHCP is used, then use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the ME. The FQDN is the combination of the host name hostname and domain. (example: http://host_name:16992 or http://system1:16992)

The management computer makes a TCP connection to the Intel AMT capable computer and accesses the top-level Intel AMT-embedded Web page within the Management Engine of the Intel AMT capable computer.