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The CapaInstaller Console is the application that you will use for the day-to-day management of all your users, computers, and devices.

With its informative and easy-to-use interface, the CapaInstaller Console provides detailed information about each user, workstation, or device and complete remote control over the execution of software-installation and maintenance tasks. Usually, all troubleshooting and maintenance tasks can be completed without leaving your desk.


  • Deploy operating system updates and patches to optimize both the security and performance of all workstations.
  • Schedule and distribute software-installations, repair, and upgrade packages without requiring user interaction.
  • Establish package dependencies to ensure that all prerequisites are fulfilled before running a given package.
  • Monitor package execution status for all computers and users.
  • Organize clients into static and dynamic management groups.
  • Do complete system reinstalls to correct malfunctioning workstations.
  • View comprehensive hardware, software, and user inventory details for all workstations.
  • Monitor software licenses and usage throughout your network.
  • Note, however, that the functionality available to you will depend on which specific solutions of the CapaInstaller Management Suite you have licensed.