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Metering application usage with CapaInstaller gives you the opportunity to harvest inactive licenses. The metering module collects information about the last application start time, start count, last usage minutes, etc.
Metering for an application can be made on a number of files. To define multiple metering points create a metering group and add multiple metering executable to the group.
E.g. for Microsoft Office 2007 it is possible to add the following applications:
Microsoft Office 2007 Excel (metering module excel.exe)
Microsoft Office 2007 Winword (metering module winword.exe)
Microsoft Office 2007 Powerpoint (metering module powerpnt.exe)
If metering history is enabled historic information is collected and stored in the database
We recommend you have read the metering description before setting up any of this.





Click on.


Go to Application groups group folders, find the application group you want to run metering history on.


Right-click on the Application group and click Enable Metering history. If the application group does not have metering executable applied, the Metering executable form will be displayed.