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The following is a description of the Patch Management tree view in the main window.



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Patch Management root point
The first element in the treeview is the Patch Management root point. There can only be on root point
Patch Management child points (Standard computers)
Below the root point can be multiple child points, which contains the groups
Patch Management groups (Dev, Test, Production)
Below the child points can be multiple Patch Management groups which


contain the updates and computers.
Under the group, folders containing updates, categories, classifications, and computers are displayed.
For further details about Updates, Updates.
For further details about Computers, Computers in Patch Management.
For further details about Categories, Categories.
For further details about Classifications, Classifications.
All updates


contain the full collection of updates.
For further details, All updates.
All Computers is used for maintenance of the computers.
For further details, All computers.


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Treeview showing what it will look like if one or more of you Patch Management Points or Groups are deleted or missing on the Wsus Server.

The icon will be black and white, and you will not be able to perform all the features on the point or group.

For further detail on how to re-create the missing Points and Groups see Re-create Patch Management Points and Groups.

If you want to...

You can...

Create root point

Patch Management root point.

Create child pointPatch Management child point
Create groupPatch Management group
Re-create point or groupsRe-create Patch Management points or groups
Approve updatesApprove updates