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The following is a description of the Configuration Management Point in the Configuration Management and System Management. A Configuration Management Point is a point from which the configuration and lifecycle on packages, units, groups and the management server are managed.
Our recommendations are to create a development, test and production environment by creating a Configuration Management Point for each of these.
Each Configuration Management Point contains software, units like PC's PCs and printers, groups like departments, business areas or countries, and also a management server.
The structure of this is based on the infrastructure and must reflect this.
Every item will be created on the Development Configuration Management Point, and promoted to the test, for the test, and afterwards afterward released for production.
Every step in a controlled and managed environment throughout the lifecycle of software deployment.
More structured environments can be created to support desktop outsourcing if you support several companies.
Click here to learn more about the elements of Configuration Management Points in System Administration.




Create a configuration management point

Click on this to create a new Configuration Management Point parent to the Management Point you currently has have selected. This should be done if you need to insert a Management Point in the structured order.
E.g. You have a Development Point and a Production Point and decide to implement more structured testing. Select the Production Point and select New Parent.
This point will be created between Development and Production, ensuring the correct promotion order.

Configure the Agent

This will configure the CapaInstaller Agent for use within this point. Management Servers belonging to this point will inherit these settings upon creation.

Delete Management Point

This will delete the Configuration Management Point.

Configuration management point properties

Shows the properties for the Management Point.