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Click on Global Tasks



Right-click on a task to set schedule.


Look for more info about each action below this table


Set the Schedule and click OK.


ElementDescriptionDefault ScheduleOther related info
Auto Archive ChangelogAuto archives changelog entires entries from the database to a csv CSV file for better console performance.Periodical (Daily)Change log options
Cleanup Performance Guard Index DataCleans up performance guard index data used to utilization index. data that is not needed in the system anymorePeriodical (Daily)Performance Guard Integration
Clear ChangesetClears changeset. Changeset A changeset is used to keep the console updated with information from the Capainstaller system.Periodical (Daily)
Clear Deleted Units

Clears units marked as deleted units. Deleted Computer and user units are not removed from the backend when deleted from the console because of files located on the linked management server. It is marked as deleted and then later deleted from the backend by this task.

Mobile Devices are deleted from the entire system when deleted from the console because they do not have any files on the Management Server

Periodical (Daily)Delete a unit in Configuration Management
Group Health Check

Performs a group health check that makes sure that the packages linked to a group is are still linked to the units linked to the same group.

Note: This process is disabled by default because the functionality it provides is standard behavior. By enabling this you could see alot a lot of units getting relinked to packages thru the groups it is linked to.

Inventory CleanupCleanup of inventory data that is not linked to any computer or devices.Periodical (Daily)Inventory Management
Process Metering HistoryProcesses metering history data that is used within the solutionPeriodical (Daily)Metering history
Process SQL GroupsProcesses the dynamic inventory groups in the system. It is this task that validates what units has to join what groups based on their inventoryAlwaysDynamic groups
Synchronize Apple Volume Purchase ProgramSynchronizes with Apple regarding info needed for the Volume Purchase ProgramDisabledApple Volume licenses with CapaInstaller MDM
System HealthThe system health task processed information about the system health and creates system notifications based on what is it findsAlwaysSystem Notification
Update Active Directory GroupsActive directory Directory groups are updated by this task. The groups are update based on what information is found in the active directoryAlwaysAD groups
Update Application GroupsUpdate An update of application groups is needed to populate the application groups in Asset ManagementPeriodical (Daily)Work with application groups
Update OS VersionUpdates the list of iOS versions from Apple into the CapaInstaller SystemPeriodical (Daily)
Update Unit Commands

Updates the unit commands for Mobile Devices. The process checks the system and sets unit commands (HW Inventory, SW Inventory etc.) for mobile devices.

Runs thru the mobile devices and schedules an inventory collect. This task will maximum run once every 30 min.

The Mobile Device Call Home task is required to maintain the Agents Online information for mobile devices

Update Unlicensed Software QueriesUpdate unlicensed software queries is are used to manage data related to asset management dataPeriodical (Daily)Use unmanaged software queries
Auto Upgrade ApplicationsThe Apps with Auto Update Application enabled will be reinstalled on linked devices , if there exists a newer version in the AppstoreDisabledHow to Manage Automatic Application Updates
Update data from Application StoresThe Apps with Auto Update Application enabled will be updated with versions, features, and size information from AppstoreDisabledHow to Manage Automatic Application Updates