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The CapaInstaller Scripting Library has some useful functions for manipulating the group memberships of units within the CapaInstaller environment. System administrators can create groups in Business Units with names that match already existing groups at the point level. This is legal but posses a problem for manipulating unit membership of groups with similar names because currently there is no way for the CapaInstaller environment to distinguish between groups at point level and groups at the Business Unit level. The current implementation of Scripting Library does not allow the addition of new parameters to existing functions without severe consequences to existing code so instead of adding a new parameter we chose to expand the use of the sGroup parameter to explicitly describe the location of groups in Business Units. 

When you want to manipulate members of a group in a Business Unit, you simply prefix the sGroup parameter with the constant BU_GROUP_PREFIX. When you do this, the CapaInstaller environment will know that the group you are referring to must exist within a Business Unit. If you try to add a unit to a group that does not currently exist, that group will automatically be created. If you do not prefix sGroup with BU_GROUP_PREFIX, the CapaInstaller environment will manipulate group membership at the point level. When listing the group membership of a unit all groups that exist in a Business Unit will have BU_GROUP_PREFIX prefixed in their names.


This will add a unit to 'Group Name' at the point level and add it to 'Group Name' inside its Business Unit. The selected Business Unit is dynamic and will be selected based on the gsUnitName parameter. If gsUnitName is not linked to a Business Unit, nothing will happen.