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Apple Business Manager is a simple, web-based portal for IT administrators to deploy iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices all from one place. When used with your mobile device management (MDM) solution, you can configure device settings and buy and distribute apps and books.

If you’re already enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you may be able to upgrade your existing programs to Apple Business Manager, bringing together everything needed to deploy iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices.

Eligible devices are available for assignment to your MDM solution through Apple Business Manager. After you enroll them, you can assign and manage them using that MDM solution.

Apple Device Enrollment Program changed its name to Apple Business Manager in May 2018. In CapaInstaller Console we still use the term Apple DEP.

If you still are using the old DEP portal it is recommended to upgrade to Apple Business Manager.

When you enter the Apple Business Manager website you should be prompted if you want to upgrade.

Website: Apple Business Manager

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