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Adds Unit to the specified group in either Global or the specified Business Unit.


AddUnitToGroupBU(Byval UnitName as String, Byval UnitType as String, Byval GroupName as String, Byval GroupType as String, ByVal businessUnitName As String) as Boolean


UnitName (String)

The name of the unit

UnitType (String)

Type of Unit

  • "Computer"
  • "User"
  • "Printer"

GroupName (String)

The name of the group

GroupType (String)

The type of the group;

  • "Calendar"
  • "Department"
  • "Reinstall"
  • "Security"
  • "Static"
  • "Dynamic_SQL" (Only Unittype=Printer)
  • "Dynamic_ADSI" (Only Unittype=Printer)

BusinessUnitName (String)

The name of the Business Unit where the group is located. If this is left blank, it is assumed the group is in Global. (If a Business Unit is specified, the unit must also be in that Business Unit)

Return Value

Boolean. The function returns True if successful, otherwise false.


Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK") 
wscript.echo oCMS.SetDefaultManagementPoint("1") 
Wscript.echo oCMS.AddUnitToGroupBU("Klient","computer","test","Static", "") 
Wscript.echo oCMS.AddUnitToGroupBU("Klient2","computer","test","Static","BusinessUnit1") 
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