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Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment is a free web service that allows users to bulk enroll devices while keeping end user interaction to a minimum. You can enroll your devices without manually configuring each device. You can enroll device directly to individuals that can be predetermined in the Mobile Enrollment portal.

This documentation is based on information available on the Samsung Knox web sites as of August 2019.


Currently CapaInstaller 5.7 does only support Device Admin.

Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollement

 Apply for KNOX Mobile Enrollment

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  1. Go to KNOX Mobile Enrollment - Getting Started Guide and follow the guide
  2. Create Samsung account
  3. Create KNOX Portal Account
  4. Launch KNOX Web Console

 Create an MDM Profile - Device Admin

Create an MDM Profile for your devices to be assigned to.

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In KNOX console, select MDM profiles in left-hand navigation menu and select CREATE PROFILE button

(To edit an exsting profile, just click on it)


Select Device Admin in profile type


Set the following BASIC INFO for the DO profile:

  • Profile Name - Enter an appropriate profile name to distinguish it from others with similar attributes.

  • Description - Optionally provide a 200 character maximum description to further differentiate this profile from others.

  • MDM Server URI  - No MDM Server URI is required. Leave field empty and click continue


MDM Agent APK - Add one or more MDM applications downloaded automatically upon device enrollment

Custom JSON Data (as defined by MDM) to pass the MDM setup configuration using the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format

Skip Setup Wizard - Unselect this option to send the device user through the Setup Wizard. When selected, the device user skips the many setup wizard screens and can start the enrollment process much faster.

This setting is selected by default.

Allow end user to cancel enrollment - Selecting this option permits an end-user to cancel enrollment on their device. Leaving this setting unselected enables mandatory device enrollment.

The skip setup wizard option functions independently from end-user enrollment cancellation, and both can be enabled at the same time.


Click CREATE and veriy that profile is created and located in MDM Profiles

Profile is ready for use.

6.Profile is ready for use.

 Enrollment of Samsung KNOX device

After creating the MDM profiles, and adding the devices the device is ready for enrollment. To enroll the device must be connected via a Wi-Fi connection.

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The first time a user boots a device and connects to the internet via a wi-fi connection, the device will automatically start enrolling. 


Click Next to accept Samsung Knox Privacy Prolicy


Click Next and wait for MDM agent to be downloaded and installed

4.Device is now enrolled and ready to use.