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Moves a device from its current Management Point to the specified Management Point. If a Management Server is specified, the device will be linked to it.

All relations to the device in the old Management Point will be removed, including but not limited to packages, profiles, applications, groups, folders, primary user, user relations, management server.


MoveDeviceToPoint(ByVal deviceUUID As String, ByVal pointName As String, ByVal managementServerFQDN As String) as Boolean


deviceUUID (String)

The UUID of the device

pointName (String)

The name of the Management Point the device should be moved to.

managementServerFQDN (String)

The name of the Management Server the device should be linked to. If an empty string is specified, the device will not be linked to a Management Server after the move.

Return Value

Boolean. The function returns True if the device is successfully moved or if the device is already linked to the specified Management Point, otherwise false.


Set oCMS = CreateObject("CapaInstaller.SDK") 
Wscript.echo oCMS.MoveDeviceToPoint("4C4C4544-004E-4210-8038-C8C04F31324A", "CMPPROD", "")  
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