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 Creating Enterprise Apps

With the Application Editor, you can configure enterprise apps that are not publicly available in the App stores.

 Enterprise App requirements...

 macOS Enterprise App Requirements

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Please verify the following requirements with the app vendor before attempting to deploy Enterprise Apps on your devices!

  • Devices must be running macOS 10.7 (El Capitan) or newer
  • The package must be signed with a certificate.
    • A package needs to be signed by the app developer, only the package needs to be signed, not the app.
  • The package must include the following files
    • PackageInfo, Bom, Payload and [TOC].xml

    • The package can also contain Scripts and RunAtStartup but these are not required

Enterprise Apps can be uploaded and added to an Enterprise Application, and distributed to the devices in your organization.

 How to create an Enterprise Device Application...
  • Right-click Device Applications and Select Create Application
  • Select Enterprise payload on the left side of the application editor, an empty payload will be added to the application on the right.
  • Click the browse button and choose an Enterprise Application file from your hard drive.
    • The system will retrieve basic information from the Enterprise App file, such as name, version, identifier, and an icon, and populate those settings in the payload.
  • Click Choose to change the default icon or to add an icon if the Enterprise App file contained no icon.

Example: Creating an iOS Enterprise App

  • Additionally, for iOS you can configure whether or not the user should be able to remove the app manually from the device, and if the backup of the app data should be prevented. These options are only available for iOS.
  • The file extension for iOS apps is .ipa, .apk for Android. .xap, appx or .appxbundle for Windows and .pkg for macOS
  • A unique filename will be generated, which will be used when it is uploaded to your management servers for distribution.

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