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 Updating an Enterprise Device Application

Updating can be done replacing the Enterprise Device Application with the Application Editor.

 How to edit an existing enterprise device application...
  • Right-click the Application to update and select Edit.
  • Select a new version of the App, either a new Enterprise Application file version or a newer version from the relevant App Marketplace
  • Optionally Update the application name with the latest info
  • Click OK to apply the changes and update the App

Example: Updating an Enterprise Device Application to a newer version

  • Applications can only be edited in root CMPs, and the changes should then be promoted to child CMPs after sufficient testing on the intended target devices.
  • If you have already promoted the Application a warning will remind you that the App is already linked to devices and installed on devices.
  • Any changes to the App might render the information shown in the console incoherent with what versions or apps are actually installed on the devices
  • Right-clicking an Application in a child point, you can select 'View' in order to open it in the Application editor. All the settings can be seen but in a view-only mode
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